HoM has well equipped and trained technical staffs. The staffs consist of a number of engineers and technicians.

HoM maintains up to date information including catalogues and demonstration kits for the available systems, it also maintains a local inventory of individual components and spare parts to permit immediate response to emergency repairs and plant expansions in the following areas:

• Traffic controllers and traffic data collection systems and equipment.
• Computerized automated systems for industrial processes.
• Weight derived process plant automation, batching and material handling systems.
• Laboratory and precision balances.
• Static weighbridges and dynamic weigh-in-motion.
• Tank/hopper, bench, platform and floor scales.
• Electronic conversions of mechanical weighing systems.
• Water level meters, gas pressure gauges and other measuring devices.

In addition, HOM Service Technicians are available to perform preventive maintenance, field repair, test and calibration on complete range of electronic and mechanical weighing and measuring devices. Certified test weights and measurements are available to perform calibration in field or at HOM workshop. Furthermore, HOM is certified by Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO).